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Zane flew with such grace and speed. It was as if he was teleporting, darting from one end of the campus to the other in the blinkof an eye.

He was living up to the promises he’d made our family. He was becoming something undeniably special.''

–Lexa, The Navigator

Zane was the younger brother of Lexa, he was a talented and headstrong member of the Garde and studied at the Lorien Defense Academy, where the most gifted of Garde are chosen to attend.


Early Life[]

Lexa describes her brother as a sunny figure in her life. He was determined to make his grandfather the proudest Loric on the planet and when he was eight/nine he wanted to be made a Loric Elder; even though there were already nine, he was determined to become the tenth.

Lorien Defense Academy[]

Around the age of eleven, Zane was assigned to his Cêpan, Dalus who would later perceive his talent as something he could exploit and pushed him too exhaust his potential.

Both Lexa and Zane studied at the LDA at the same time; he was 13 when she was in her second year. Lexa thought of them as perfect siblings, both excelling with promising futures.

During his second year at the academy, Zane developed the Legacy of Flight. Lexa noted that he flew with such grace and speed, compared to other Garde who could fly.

Kabarak Supply Ship Incident[]

Zane was performing long distance training and was travelling at speeds that should have been prohibited when, it is presumed, he flew into a Kabarak Supply Ship, having not seen it in time to react. The higher-up at the LDC who gave the news to Lexa said that his Identity Band went dead and 'something' brought down the ship. Zane's death left a hole in Lexa and she subsequently became a recluse, avoiding anything and anyone that could hurt her. (The Navigator)


  • Zane being a Garde, while his sister was a Cêpan shows the first example of a mixed Garde and Cêpan family. The fact that Zane, and possibly Lexa, lived with their grandfather suggests that one or more likely both of their parents were Garde.
  • It is never actually confirmed that Zane brought the Kabarak Supply Ship, it is merely presumed since his ID band went dead.