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Ximic enables the Garde to mimic and master any legacy that the user has witnessed. It is supposed to be very rare, and is expected to only occur in the leading Elder. The ability is said to be easier to use if the user felt the legacy being copied rather than just seeing it.

Known Users[]

Pittacus Lore[]

  • Pittacus obviously talked about this with his Cêpan, who told him it was very rare and powerful.
  • He discussed this Legacy later with Loridas, possibly becoming an Aeternus by copying Loridas, while planning to subdue Setrákus Ra after his plot to "defile" nature.

Number Four[]

  • Number Four developed this Legacy most likely during the first battle with Setrákus Ra at the Dulce Base in New Mexico. John first uses this Legacy to copy Marina's Healing, however; he thought at the time he acquired healing. Before copying Six's Invisibility, Lorien used the flashback of Pittacus Lore and the Ximic Legacy to help John realize that he had acquired Ximic. He then goes on to use Daniela's new legacy and learn flight from Number Five.