Wade was a sixteen year old boy who Number One meets whilst living in California.

He was described as tanned and muscular with shoulder length brown hair, some of which was in "grungy little braids". He owned a beat up Volkswagon van which he lived in, despite the fact that he owned sevral credit cards that were paid for my his parents.

His parents were rich, his father being a lawyer, and lived in a mansion. Wade felt that his parents had mapped out his entire life; going to college, getting a law degree, joining his father's practice. He left home and decided to surf his way along the coast instead. He believed in taking a stand against capitalism and shoplifted whenever he could.

One would regularly skip her training so that she could surf with Wade. Wade would often talk about his beloved record collection that he was forced to leave at his Parent's house and so, to impress his, One decided to steal from the local record shop. She was caught and arrested and forced to flee California when photos of her scar were taken by police.