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Vontezza Aoh-Atet is the trueborn daughter of the late General Aoh-Atet. She is currently the commander of the Mogadorian warship Osiris. Is the second Mogadorian to have legacies.


Fugitive Six[]

Their ship still remains in a defensive position behind the Earth’s moon for around 400 days, by the time Taylor Cook watches a video transmission of her.

Return to Zero[]

Before the battle between US government and Earth Garde, Vontezza returns to the earth in a skimmer, where she initially meets Kopano Okeke, and have a little battle. Then John Smith appears and calm both of them. Later he gets reunited with number Nine, and explains that he and Vontezza are there to negotiate the surrender of Vontezza's ship and for her to join the Garde Academy, this because John reveals she has legacies of her own. Vontezza explains that she got her legacies in the course of the Mogadorian-Earth battle, even she were in the big vision of the entity; because of that, she rebels against Setrakus Ra and takes the command of the ship. When Malcolm asks her of her legacies, she says she have telekinesis and makes a demonstration of her cell reconstruction, cutting her hand. In exchange of these requirements, John Smith will acquire the power shield generator that will help the protection of New Lorien.

Later, Vontezza finds out that John is planning to get the shield generator with the help of Kopano and Miki, and discusses that she has to go too, because of the radioactivity in some zones of the ship. In the end, John agreed to let her go.

Once in the ship, Vontezza get separated from Kopano and Miki. Meanwhile, John gets controlled by Lucas. When John/Lucas gets in the ship and meets Vontezza, he turn her in fire. Vontezza runs to Kopano and Miki and yells them to run.

In the epilogue, Vontezza is lying in a room with two scientists, and about to be dissected. She comes back to life, enraged, thanks to her cell reconstruction, and harasses a scientist, asking where they are.


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Powers and Abilities[]