The Vishnu Nationalist Eight are a rebel group, based in india, that worship Number Eight as a Hindu God. They are led by Commander Grahish Sharma, they carry AK-47's and are wanted, presumably by the state. They drive trucks with red "8" on them.

They are first seen flanking Six, Marina, Ella and Crayton in a street when the driver of the taxi they are in, effectively kidnaps them and brings them there. The Loric group are told, however, that the guns are only for persuasion and that they would not attempt to fight them.

The majority of the group is presumably killed, and one revealed traitor, when the convoy is attacked by rockets and helicopters on the way to find Number Eight.

While the group seemingly becomes non-existent after the events in India, The Vishnu Nationalist Eight manage to survive. They shoot down a Mogadorian ship and take it's crew hostage, this is covered up from the public but Mark James, of They Walk Among Us is eager to expose the story.