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Vintaro Üshaba is a male Vartborn Mogadorian. He appears in the novella Hunt for the Garde as the second narrator. He has a thirst for blood, and takes the lead in hunting for the Human-Garde. He is also responsible for the capture of Number Nine. His first name, in Mogadorian, means "to raze". His last name is the name of the Vat he was born in.


When he was created in a Vat, it was right before the invasion of Lorien. There he honored Setrákus Ra, and was later stationed on Earth. He led the Chicago Scout Team to capture Number Nine.

During the Mogadorian Invasion of Earth, he captures three Human-Garde with his scout team. One boy in Chicago, one boy in Milwaukee, and one girl in Madison. He takes them to the Mogadorian Mountain Base for Doctor Zakos to experiment on.

Later, a video of four Human-Garde; Nigel Rally, Bertrand, Fleur, and Ran, is filmed in Niagara Falls to contact the Loric. Vintaro and his men get wind of this message, and they fly skimmers to them. The Human-Garde shoot down the Skimmers, and although Vintaro, Drak, and a dozen other soldiers manage to survive and subdue Fleur and Bertrand, Nigel uses Telekinesis and throws a bomb created by Ran at them. Shrapnel hits Vintaro, and he is killed.

The other Mogs, including Drak, are finished off by the other Human-Garde as well before Number Six, Ella, Lexa, Sam Goode, Daniela Morales, and two Chimærae (Regal and Bandit) arrive to greet them.


  • He is the second narrator to be killed, however he is the first to be killed in his own story.