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After being kidnapped, Vincent has been very reticent, almost traumatized by it. He rarely talks to other Foundation members, even his fellow healers.


Vincent is born in Italy and is 17 when he gained Recupero. He goes to the Human-Garde Academy and graduates quickly due to his age.

Generation One[]

Soon after his graduation, he is sent tbo the Philippines along with Melanie Jackson due to an earthquake. After a long day of healing people, he is kidnapped by Einar and the Foundation after being shot in the neck by a tranquillizer dart. A few days later, he is taken to Abu Dhabi to help heal the prince of his leukemia.

Fugitive Six[]

He is then taken to Mongolia to heal the Foundation soldiers stationed there.


  • Recupero: The ability to heal living things. This Legacy is why the Foundation kidnapped him. Together with three other Garde healers, he is able to purge the prince of his leukemia. He also provides healing to Foundation soldiers in Mongolia. His healing is not as strong as Taylor's or Jiao's.
  • Telekinesis: Like all Garde, he possesses the ability to move things with his mind.