Hi there.

As we all now, the new spin-off book series of Lorien Legacies; Legacy Reborn finished it story with the third and last book "Return To Zero", which making the series a trilogy. Since the beginning of the series, the wiki been busy with all new characters, place, or item articles. Either creating them, or updating them. However, as the second book of the series was published, this wiki been inactive with just a couple of editor that mostly doing either updating articles, create a blog post, or vandalism some articles. It's been my concern since this wiki doesn't have an active admin, an series of vandalism has been going on for at least 5-6 month. A couple things that bothered me are:

1. Template issue
The first thing i stumbled upon is that many of the template are either outdated or broken due to no one have enough concern to update them. As i try to update it, however, some of them are protected, which only a content moderator or Administrator and Bureaucrat of the wiki can edit.

2. Policies & Guidelines
Although this wiki already been created since 2010, there's no any policies or Guidelines regarding about articles or user behaviour. So, even if an vandalism wreck havoc on this wiki, we can do anything, as there isn't any policies regarding about this.

3. CSS and other stuff
Like the template stuff, i noticed that the CSS seem outdated and roughly been updating. I'm not saying that i have a much better skill at CSS, homever, i can invite some people who's knew a lot about CSS and wiki design.

With the point above three point, i planned to adopted this wiki in order to make it a good and well functioned wiki. As i already have experienced with running a couple of television series wiki, i believed that i can make some changed for this wiki. In order to do all of that, i need all of your support. However, if you any other concern about this, feel free to drop some of your opinion on this blog post of mine.

Thank you.

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