This blog is basically where I put tons of weird proof that maybe - just maybe, the Garde, Lorien, the Mogs, and Setrakus Ra are real. Here I also put conspiracy theories about the places mentioned in the book. (Comment if you think the proof is true or not).  Feel free to comment on what you guys think and feel free to post any proof on my message wall! 


Dulce Base

Okay, the first questionable proof, Dulce Base. This place was used a lot in the Lorien Legacies series. This is where epic battles took place. This is where Setrakus Ra fought the Garde, where John found Sarah, and where most of the Garde met up. Some people think this place is real - others, not so much. The Dulce Base is" located" in Dulce, New Mexico was also known as Area 51. 

Here are some pictures of the evidence I  found:

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Basically, Philip Schneider worked for the government as a geological engineer. He quickly founded a program called D.U.M.B., or Deep Underground Military Bases. Soon after, he was apparently allowed to build a secret base (now known as Dulce Base) for the government. Dulce was an underground facility that was used to hold genetic experiments.