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This article is a subpage of Timeline. It details the events happening in the Rebellion Era, where the events between Book 2 (The Power of Six) and Book 5 (The Revenge of Seven), along with other events in the same timeframe, take place. It is still incomplete and is a Work-in-progress.


Codes to the novels / novellas are appended in the table below. Brackets, where applicable, direct to the specific chapter of the book. For consistency purposes, the Garde's names are all represented in their numbers.

For the derivation of dates, refer to the relevant section of the main article.

No. Era Timeframe (Earth year) Novels under this era
1 The Lorien Era 1999,
2 The Post-Lorien Era 1999,
January 10
3 The Rebellion Era 2011,
January 10
March 26
4 The Revolution Era 2011,
March 26

Timeline of the Rebellion Era[]

The Power of Six[]

The Rise of Nine[]

The Fall of Five[]

The Revenge of Seven[]


  1. In LL2(14), Four describes seeing a three-quarters full moon at Paradise, Ohio, on the estimated date of February 24. Considering that the group take about 7-8 days to return to Paradise, Ohio, this puts the present date to be approximately February 16.
  2. In LL2(18), Four describes seeing a half-moon on a February morning, which is a third quarter phase and corresponds to approximately February 24-25, 2011 in real Earth time. However, this date is necessarily a Saturday, as Mark in TLF8(11) notes John and Sarah's meeting on a Saturday night (when it's actually already Sunday morning). See also this lunar calendar.
  3. 3.0 3.1 The actions of Seven opening her chest and Six playing with Four's Glass Orbs happen simultaneously. The tracking crystal sent a signal for the Mogadorians, notifying them of both parties' locations.
  4. 4.0 4.1 The first assault on the convent happened during mid-morning in Spain and is approximately simultaneous with Four and Sam's visit to Sarah in the early morning in Paradise, Ohio, United States.
  5. At this point of time, while Five recognizes Four and Nine from Mogadorian reports, they on the other hand do not recognize him (in his officer uniform?), and do not bother to memorize his face either, which is exemplified in LL4 during their first meeting.
  6. 6.0 6.1 The simultaneous events take into consideration the time difference between Eastern United States (early morning) and India (noon).
  7. It is still unknown as to which words or actions of the party triggered the alarm for the Mogadorians to arrive.
  8. This date is a full moon, according to the lunar calendar. It is assumed to fit the plot event of Bernie Kosar calling to his fellow Chimæras. See the derivation of dates on the main article.
  9. According to Six, she, Seven and Nine had spent two days walking through the Everglades, and the Trapper's bartender also claims that the attack on the John Hancock Center, or the news report of it, happened two days earlier. Seven also explicitly mentions, two days later, that the previous journey to Florida happened no more than a week ago. This makes the starting date of LL5 either 23 or 24 March; the later date is taken so as to make enough time for both groups to escape and take refuge.
  10. Thanks to Adam for taking control of the weapons in that base and using them to kill the guards, of course.