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This article is a subpage of Timeline. It details the events happening in the Post-Lorien Era, after the surviving Loric have fled to Earth and scramble to hide from the Mogadorians and train the Garde's Legacies. The events of the first book (I Am Number Four) take place here.


Codes to the novels / novellas are appended in the table below. Brackets, where applicable, direct to the specific chapter of the book. For consistency purposes, the Garde's names are all represented in their numbers.

For the derivation of dates, refer to the relevant section of the main article.

No. Era Timeframe (Earth year) Novels under this era
1 The Lorien Era 1999,
2 The Post-Lorien Era 1999,
January 10
3 The Rebellion Era 2011,
January 10
March 26
4 The Revolution Era 2011,
March 26

Timeline of the Post-Lorien Era[]

The Legacies[]

I Am Number Four[]


  1. It is possible that this poverty is caused by the lack of cooperation or disappearance of their Greeter, in stark contrast to the wealthy lifestyle that Number Nine and Sandor manage to enjoy.
  2. Despite happening in a different year, it is likely that this event is modelled after the 7 July 2005 bombings in London.
  3. There is an obvious time rift between the death of Rey and the departure of Five from the island. See Discrepancy no. 4 below.
  4. As noted in LL2(2) by Number Seven's recounts.
  5. Unless the Mogadorians only knew the approximate location back then, this clue makes Five's disclosure of Nine's home in LL4 irrelevant.
  6. This revelation partly explains why, in LL4, Five sees Nine as a major obstacle to his mission and was so eager to get rid of Nine.
  7. See LL1(21).
  8. One of the links was the message from the They Walk Among Us forum, mentioning that a Mogadorian was held captive. This link was either already or subsequently investigated, depending on the time Adamus began working for the intelligence.
  9. This was the 2010 day of Thanksgiving in real Earth time.
  10. The events are estimated to be around the end of winter break and the first weekend thereafter, noted in LL1(24). Also see discrepancies listed above.
  11. The date is based on a real (though relatively minor) earthquake in Argentina on New Years' Day, 2011.
  12. This message is later revealed to be written by Six as an attempt to communicate.