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Three's Cêpan was a male in his fifties. He was a mentor Cêpan on Lorien and was assigned to Number Three.

At the first signs of the Mogadorian invasion, Three's Cêpan would have been alerted through his Identity Band and initiated his mission to collect Three and bring him urgently to the airstrip for evacuation. It is mentioned that he was born near the jungle on Lorien. Little is known about Three's Cêpan just that he was born on Lorien and was assigned to train and protect Three. At an unknown point he travelled to and attempted to hide away in Kenya, most likely due to the fact that Three himself was of black origin and would have fit in more subtly. Eventually though, a magazine editor travelling to the small village sees and writes about Three's ankle scars, arousing the Mogadorians' suspicions.

Three and his Cêpan are both awoken by someone tugging at the door. As Three's Cêpan approaches the door, a Mogadorian blade comes through and kills him. His final word to Three is "Run". (I Am Number Four) In the movie adaptation he is killed when a piken charges through the hut.

Adamus Sutekh later sees his dead body in the doorway of the hut where he had been struck with the sword. (The Fallen Legacies)


  • In the film adaptation, instead of a Mogadorian blade killing him, a piken grabs him from the door and kills him.