Possessed By Number Eight, Pittacus Lore
Primary Function Instant Transportation

"...Eight is teleporting all over the room, appearing in front of Mogs and slicing them to pieces with a sword."

(Number Four, The Rise of Nine)

Teleportation is a type of Legacy that a member of the Garde can develop. It allows the user to transport his/her body from one spot to another without physically moving there. However, it can only be used accurately in short distances and the further the distance the more sporadic and uncontrollable the teleport.

Teleportation is enhanced when surrounded by a large amount of Loralite.  There are various places on Earth where large Loralite boulders can be found, those with the ability to Teleport can travel between these Locations. 

Like Invisibility, the Garde with the ability to Teleport can also transport the items or people that they hold in their hands. Anything that is not in direct contact with the users hands will still be teleported, especially between the loralite stones, but will be separated from the user. Passengers of Teleportation over long distances suffer from a period that negatively effects their stregth and Legacies (Garde).

It is a Legacy probable to a Loric who come under the Lorien Star Sign Calin.


Eight using Teleportation in the Rise of Nine Trailer recap

Known UsersEdit

Number EightEdit

Eight developed Teleportation after his Telekinesis. He was out in a crowded street when suddenly he disappeared and found himself a block away from where he had first started. Reynolds helped him to control it so that he could do it whenever he wanted. He claims he can control his teleportation up to 200 or 250 feet but it is less accurate, having once teleported into the middle of a Lion's den.

Eight discovers that he can teleport the things and people that are in or holding his hands. He tries to teleport Six, Marina and Ella but since Six was not holding his hand directly she is Teleported to the New Mexico Loralite stone while the others find themselves at Stonehenge.

Pittacus LoreEdit

Has all Legacies.