Possessed By All Garde
Primary Function Move Objects with Mind

Telekinesis is a Legacy that all Garde develop in common. Loric and Human Garde alike.

It is the power of mental force and allows the user to physically move objects. It gives the user an advantage in battle as it can be used in uncountable ways as a means to fight, to protect or disarm among other uses. The stronger/larger the object is being moved, the more force and mind power is required to move the object.

Loric-Garde tend to develop this legacy about a week after or at the same time as their first Legacy, although there have been cases where Telekinesis develops first (Number One) or where there is a delay after the first Legacy (Number Four). Human-Garde tend to develop telekinesis first, along with one other legacy.

Known UsersEdit

All Garde have this Legacy in common.