Teev is a young Cêpan on Lorien,. She is the girlfriend of Paxton and a friend of Sandor.

Sandor describes her as shortish and kind of quiet, though he finds something quite offbeat about her. He admires the way that she is who she is and is not ashamed of it. She has a mole above her lip and a scarlet birth mark high on her cheek which faded into her hairline. She also has a tattoo line surrounding her mole whick curves up her face into an arrow pointing at her birthmark. She works in a fashion boutique in East Crescent.

Along with Sandor and her boyfriend, Paxton, she is a regular at The Chimæra and often bumps into Sandor there. She distracts Sandor's teacher, Professor Endym, by dancing with him and his partner while Sandor hides.

During the Quartermoon festivities at The Chimæra, Teev is killed by falling concrete when the Mogadorians target the club in their first wave of bombings. Paxton is initially in shock and doesn't realise that she is dead. He tries to pull her from the rubble, but has to be pulled away by Sandor.