Taylor Cook is one of the Human Garde studied at Human Garde Academy, and a member of Fugitive Six.


Taylor Cook is a female Human-Garde who lived with her father in Turner County, South Dakota, which was untouched by the Mogadorian Invasion. She is a central protagonist in the spinoff Generation One and Fugitive Six. She unwillingly enrolled at the academy after her house was attacked by the Harvesters.

Generation OneEdit

Taylor Cook just wants life to be normal after the invasion. But things are far from it. Warships are near here town crashed and everyone wants to see it and legacies are developing in humans. One morning Taylor discovers she herself has developed telekinesis one morning from moving an alarm clock with her mind. She tries to hide it for she does not want to be taken away from her father. But when a tractor accident hurt Taylor her dominant legacy developed healing. One of the farmhands witnessed it and told a group called the harvesters. They came to Taylor's house saying legacies are from demons that sin and they she is unholy. Taylor and her father are outnumbered so she has no choice but to turn herself into the academy. She calls for help and surprisingly John Smith saves her. She is soon taken on a private jet to the academy along with her new friend Kopano. At the academy, Taylor is roommates with Isabella and Ran.

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Appearance PhysicalEdit


Afraid at first but after everything that happened in Generation One that she made her friends in Fugitive Six she became more confident. She is even more confident in Fugitive Six and Return To Zero and is looked as a leader almost like John Smtih.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Being a Human-Garde, she has a few Legacies of her own.


The first Legacy she gains, all Garde and Human-Garde have this Legacy.


She gains this Legacy when a tractor crashes and uses it to heal a bloody gash on her father’s head.








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