Breathing underwater
Possessed By Number Seven

Pittacus Lore

Primary Function Breathing normally while submerged in water.

"The water tickles my lungs, but at the same time satisfies every desperate need I have to breathe..."

(Marina, The Power of Six)

Underwater Breathing, or Submari, is a Legacy that allows the user to breathe normally whilst submerged in water.  It is possible that those with this legacy are descendants of the Hælan, though it is unclear what or who this is.

It is a Legacy probable to a Loric who comes under the Lorien Star Sign Wenon or Seakon.

Known UsersEdit

Number SevenEdit

In an annual camping trip with the Santa Teresa Orphanage, Marina is shoved into the lake while playing a game of Queen of the Dock. She hits her head on the way down and falls, unconscious, into the water. When she comes too, she instinctively kicks upwards but gets trapped underneath the dock. As she begins to black out she describes a calm feeling sweeping through her, her lungs stop burning and she is able to breathe.

Pittacus LoreEdit

Has all legacies.