Weather control
Possessed By Number Six, Liren,

Pittacus Lore

Primary Function Manipulation of Water, Fire, Wind, Earth
Secondary Function Combination of elements to create storms and control the weather
Elemental Manipulation, or Sturma, is a Legacy which gives the user control over water, earth, fire and wind which can be used to influence the weather. The potential of this legacy is huge from furious storms and parting oceans. Those with this legacy are possible decendants of the Wraith though it is not clear what or who this is. [1]

It is a Legacy probable to a Loric who come under the Lorien Star Sign Luvan.

Known UsersEdit

Number SixEdit

Six discovered that she had this power during the agony she endured while the third scar burned into her ankle, when Number Three died. She has shown on many occassions the ability to combine water and wind to produce great storms and also seems to be able to control lightning to fall from the clouds and strike the target. She has also shown fire manipulation when cremating Henri but she is yet to show that she can control earth.


Liren was a powerful member of the Garde who was seen manipulating the weather in Four's visions of the Mogadorian Invasion.

Pittacus LoreEdit

Has ximic which means he could copy legacies. aka has any legacy he sees


  • It is unclear whether Elemental Manipulation and Weather Control are the same or two separate legacies as they have both been used to describe Six's legacy and have also been used separately. In Six's Legacy, Six claims to have gained weather control, however she later states in I Am Number Four that the storms she creates are due to manipulation of elements and later demonstrates controlling fire. In the same book, Four notes that his father can control the weather.
  • A what is your legacy? application suggests that control of the weather is the extension of elemental manipulation.