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Sound Manipulation
Possessed By Devektra,

Pittacus Lore, Nigel Barnaby

Primary Function Control of sound.

"She would wave her hands, modulating the texture of her voice pitch-shifting it eerily. She could flick her wrist and boost her voice's volume dramatically she could even target and shape the volume such that listeners in the back of the club would get walloped with sound while the front of the crowd was merely tickled."

(Sandor, The Last Days of Lorien.)

Sound Manipulation is a Legacy which allows the user to control, intensify, hush, distort, warp, strengthen, echo, speed up, and slow down sound waves. It can also be used as a powerful physical force.

Known Users[]


Devektra, a famous Garde singer, uses this legacy in conjunction with her Light Manipulation to give her audience different sensations during her performances. Her clever way of using the two legacies makes her music unique.

During the Mogadorian Invasion of Lorien, Devektra used her manipulation of Sound to defend Sandor and Number Nine from a Mogadorian. The sound was so loud that the Soldier reeled backwards and dropped his sword as his face showed a horrified mask of pain. The attack gave Sandor a chance to pick up the sword and cut the Soldiers head off.  

Pittacus Lore[]

Has all Legacies.

Nigel Barnaby[]

Nigel developed this as one of his first Legacies. With it, he has been able to amplify his voice to deafening volumes and negate sound in a localized field.