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Simon is a Human was born in France, around 1998. He gained the ability to move objects whit his mind and transfer information by dragging on objects by Loric Entity. Becoming a Human Garde chosen by Lorien.

Due to the destruction of his family they passed away in the Invasion Mogadorian. Due there is no where to go and to be Garde he enrolls Human Garde Academy becoming a good friend of the Brazilian Human - Garde Isabela Silva. The Academy wow facing a major problem because foreign nrolled Garde did not know how speak the native English language. Then academy began to used Simon's legacy so he sagres giving objects loaded whit legacies.

Simon is one of the many Human Garde at the Human Garde Academy. All that's known about his is he's from France, and his Legacy allows him to share knowledge with others. He gives other Garde objects charged with the knowledge of the English Language so that everyone at the HGA can speak and understand English. It is mentioned in Generation One that even before he got his legacies he was able to learn languages easily.


Generation One[]

Simon is seen walking next to Isabela Silva, with his short legs struggling to follow Isabela footsteps, which were long than theirs.

Physical Appearance[]

Simon is French, "hairy for a fourteen-year-old, with a tousled mane of dark brown curls atop his overlarge head." He has short legs

Powers and Abilities[]


  • Telekineisis: Simon has ability to move, levitate and otherwise manipulate objects. He was seen moving a stone, while talking with Kopano.
  • Knowledge Sharing: Simon can charge objects with knowledge; whoever touches an object thus charged can then access that information as if it were stored in their own neurons.


  • Multilingualism: Simon is fluent in French, English and other languages ​​as he learns.


  • Simon's Legacy allows for many international Garde (it has been stated that there are more foreign Garde than Americans) to speak English.