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Sheriff James is the father of Mark James and the Sheriff of the Paradise Police Department. 

The Sheriff is described as a nice guy, usually, and is good to his family. However, when he feels that things are out of his hands and/or jurisdiction, he changes and becomes irritable.

Following the fire at his home, he is forced to move in with his Mother on the outskirts of Paradise. His wife decides to spend time with her family in Cleveland, presumably to get away from the day-to-day close proximity with her mother-in-law.

After the destruction of Paradise High School, Sheriff James is kept in the dark about the investigations. The fact that his wife decides to stay longer in Cleveland and that Mark has been ignoring the generous college offers he has been receiving, also frustrates him.

On the night that John returns to Paradise, Mark sneaks into his Father's office at the police station, in order to find more information about the investigation at the school. He is caught when his father is called to work following a call regarding an explosion at the Goode's house. Mark's father deletes the pictures that Mark took on his phone before he reads a text from Sarah telling him that John has returned. He orders Todd to take Mark home and calls the FBI. He later calls Mark to warn him that John and Sam may have escaped Dumont and not to get any ideas about following them if they came back.

Sheriff James is later kicked out of his office which is taken over by Agent Purdy who uses it as a post from which he conducts his Mogadorian related affairs.


  • He was only mentioned in I Am Number Four (the novel) but plays a larger role in the Film Adaptation. Following the incident at Shaperd Falls, Sheriff James approaches Henri and Four to ask him questions. He is the lead Officer in the hunt for
  •  His first physical appearance in the Novels or companion Novellas was in "Return to Paradise".
  • Jeff Hochendoner.