Sandor's Parents lived in Capital City, in an apartment, with their son. It is not known what Cêpan jobs they had, though they were wealthy enough to own a vacation home on the beaches of a smaller city known as Deloon.

When Sandor is expelled from school, having been caught in The Chimæra underage and with no hope of getting to school on time, Sandor's parents are video called, from their vacation home, by his principal, Osaria, to discuss his next steps.

Sandor's father is angry, both with Sandor's sarcasm and his expulsion. He is also angry at Sandor's mother for being upset, as if she was surprised that Sandor had finally been expelled. They discuss possible options and are both happy with a Kabarak relocation, especially Sandor's father as it is seen as a noble credential. Sandor's mother looks apologetic but he knows that even she won't bail him out this time, suggesting she has many times in the past.

Sandor's parents do not leave Deloon to see him off and this is likely the last time he saw them before the Mogadorian Invasion for Mogadorian Progress in which they are both certainly killed.