Sam's journal is a Lost files bonus containing journal entries by Sam Goode just before the new school semester and his eventual meeting with Number Four - John Smith.

Journal EntriesEdit

June 17th - Sam talks about recurring dreams that he has about his father trying to tell him something and open a large door.

June 30th - Sam plans a way to become less of a nerd as well as his fascination with alien conspiracy theories.

July 4th - Sam visits the fourth of July fireworks and remembers seeing them with his dad, he remembers a conversation where his father tells him that there is a lot out there that [they] didn't know about. Sam speculates that his father was abducted by aliens.

July 17th - Sam receives a newsletter called They Walk Among Us and wonders how he became subscribed. He also mentions a conflict in London that ended in twelve-year old girl(Two) being killed supposedly being part of a secret war between extraterrestrials on Earth.

August 1st - Sam wakes in the night and sees movement out in his garden near the sundial, however when the moon light returns from behind a cloud there is nothing and no one there.

August 13th - After searching through his father's things in the garage, Sam finds a gun and hides it in his room, unnerved by the people/movement he saw in the backyard previously.

August 31 - Sam has another dream about his father, this time the door they were trying to open previously is opened but Sam awakens before he can see what is behind it. The journal article finishes with Sam mentioning the start of school and how he has a weird feeling about this year.

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