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Reynolds was Number Eight's Cêpan. He was described as having a very bright character and was always laughing, something he passed on to Eight.



Before arriving on Earth, Reynolds would have trained as a Mentor Cêpan and was later assigned Number Eight as his Garde to mentor. At the first signs of Mogadorian attack, Reynolds' Identity band would have alerted him to initiate Pittacus' Evacuation Protocol, where he tracked Eight and took him to the airstrip ready for departure from the planet and the attack. He arrived at the airstrip eighth out of nine.


At an unknown point after their arrival on Earth, Reynolds took Eight into hiding in India. When Eight discovered he could move objects with his mind, Reynolds taught how to use his brain like a muscle and when he suddenly disappeared and reappeared a block away, he taught him how to control his teleportation until he is able to do it whenever he wants.

In India Reynolds meets and falls in love with a woman named Lola who acts suspiciously towards Eight, asking to see his Loric Chest on multiple occasions. With the presence of Lola, the relationship between Reynolds and Eight became strained which affected Eight's training.

Lola, seemingly trying to help, convinces Eight and Reynolds to go on a trip with her to the mountains so that they could reconcile. However, once there, she attempts to separate them. When this fails, she goes straight to the Mogadorians, revealing that she had been working for them for a large amount of gold. As she reaches to the floor to retrieve her money, however, she is killed by a Mogadorian. Reynolds and Eight found they were ambushed by the Mogadorians, due to Lola's betrayal. While Eight was protected by the Loric Charm, Reynolds was still very much mortal and before Eight could get to him and teleport him to safety, he was killed by Mogadorians. Eight managed to escape and started to live by himself in the mountains.


  • He is the only Cêpan who didn't physically appear in Novel or Novella that has been published to date.