Regal is one of many Chimæra that belonged to Raylan and was sent to Earth in his renovated fuel powered ship. They are eventually captured and taken to Plum Island where they are subjected to intense Mogadorian Experimentation. Regal prefers to stay in the form of a stately Hawk.


Life with RaylanEdit

See: Raylan's Chimæra

Capture and RescueEdit

Regal and the other Chimæra lived with Lexa and Zophie before their capture. Lexa had gone to Montreal when Zophie thought she contacted one of the Greeters over the internet. The person she contacted was actually a Mog. She gave them her location. Dozens of Mogs came with krauls and piken and most of the Chimæra were bagged and loaded into a truck. Some of them were killed fighting. The majority were taken to the Mogadorian facility on Plum Island in order to replicate the shapeshifting gene in Vat-born Mogadorians. Regal is one of the five Chimæra that Adam manages to rescue after infiltrating Plum Island. They are all slightly disturbed by their experiences but are comforted by Dust while they are driven to Chicago.

They meet Number Four, Sarah, Sam, Malcolm and Bernie Kosar and the group flee from Chicago to Baltimore, Maryland. Four heals the Chimærae and notes that whatever the Mogadorians did to them lingered and fought back against his legacy, triggering his Lumen for a moment, though it eventually left.

Regal goes to Ashwood Estates with Four and aids in the take over by flying in with a camera as surveillance and later participates in the fight. The Chimæra are left with Malcolm and some of Agent Walker's rebel Agents as the rest of the group split for missions in New York or Calakmul.

He, along with BiscuitStanley, and Bandit, are left behind when Malcolm is yanked off Ashwood Estates while the Mogadorians attack Ashwood Estates. After the attack, Agent Noto and the other dozen or so agents that fought off the Mogs later attempt to get him and the other three Chimærae to a safehouse.

Known Forms: Edit

  • Quiet Hawk
  • Bear/Komodo Dragon (one of those)
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