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Possessed By Number Seven, Number Four, Pittacus Lore
Primary Function Healing almost any injury or sickness
Variation Marina - Icy feeling down her spine

Four - feels a warmth

"An icy feeling shoots down my spine and, in response, life bursts through the small flower".

(-Marina, The Power of Six)

The Healing Legacy, as its name suggests, allows the user to heal all natural living things of almost any wound or sickness. It is also called Recupero. It won't work on things that are not natural, such as vat born Mogs or True Born Mogs who have augmentations. It is incapable of bringing back the dead, but it can heal someone on the brink of death. This Legacy requires physical contact to be activated.

Known Users[]

Number Seven[]

Marina's healing Legacy initially allows her to heal plants, though she does not know of the Legacy's full potential. During a confrontation with some of the convent girls in Santa Teresa, Ella is badly injured and Marina is unsure what she can do to help. She soon finds, when touching Ella, that she can heal people as well. She laters uses her ability to heal Legacy the cat, as well as Carlotta Ricardo who was crippled with Parkinson's Disease.

Marina describes an icy feeling shooting through her spine and leaving her hands, entering into those being healed.

In battle Seven, is usually the one to heal the others from the injuries they sustain. When Eight dies, Marina describes how something snaps within her and how the icy feeling of her healing Legacy flows through her until she physically manifests the cold and ice, suggesting that it is linked to her Ice Legacy

Number Four[]

John discovers his Healing Legacy during the Battle at Dulce. Sarah and Ella are hit with Setrákus Ra's whip and subject to heavy cannon fire, he runs to them and holds their hands and their wounds begin to heal.

During the Ambush in Chicago, shortly after waking up from his coma-like dream state, Four has to choose between allowing the Mogadorians to escape with Ella or heal Malcolm's fatal wounds. He chooses to heal Malcolm.

Four does not describe the icy feeling that Marina feels when she is using her Legacy. On the contrary, he describes his healing as warm energy, possibly linked to his pyrokinetic Legacy. When healing Raylan's Chimæra and Bud Sanderson, Four describes a feeling of the illness fighting back against his Legacy. He eventually prevails, but it had either activated his Lumen or caused his entire body to glow.

Taylor Cook[]

Vincent Iabruzzi[]



Pittacus Lore[]

Has all Legacies.


It can not cure a person if they were damaged by a certain plant found on Lorien called Voron, hence the reason Setrákus Ra has his scar on his neck.

It also cannot cure things such as exhaustion.