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These obsessions made him into a bitter and distrustful man and Raylan became something of a recluse. He made a home for himself deep in the mountains—more a fortress than a home. For companions he kept a menagerie of Chimæra.
-Crayton's Letter, The Fall of Five

Raylan was the father of Ella and the husband of Erina. He was the owner of the Second Loric Ship that escaped Lorien, having paid to fully restore it. He is also the owner of Chimæra that travelled to Earth with Crayton and Ella.



Raylan was a descendant of Setrákus Ra, the tenth Loric Elder, and believed that as a descendant, his family should assume the Elder's role. During the Secret Wars, the Elders reduced their numbers to nine and Raylan felt this was the place that belonged to his family. He became obsessed with the Secret Wars and this turned him into a bitter and distrustful man. (The Fall of Five)

Restoring the Old Fuel Ship[]

At least a few years before the Mogadorian Invasion, Raylan commissioned a restoration program for his Great-Grandfather's fossil fuel ship with the Department of Otherworld Studies at the Loric Museum of Exploration. Zophie, who worked with the museum, contacted Lexa and hired her to refurbish the on board systems. In order to gain Raylan's funding, the museum had to follow strict conditions including the storage of fossil fuels and ensuring the fuel pump could only be accessed by him. (The Navigator)

Meeting Erina[]

Raylan became a recluse and lived by himself in the mountains with his menagerie of Chimæra as company. The Elders felt Raylan was a danger to the Loric and sent Erina to keep an eye on him. Raylan did not trust her, but the two grew closer. Erina would spend time flying with his Chimæra and creating lightning, of which Raylan could change the colour. Eventually the two fell in love and had a daughter named Ella, who was born mere hours before the Mogadorian Invasion. (The Fall of Five)

Mogadorian Invasion[]

When the Mogadorians invaded, Raylan contacted Zophie and asked her to oversee preparations. He was having trouble contacting his intended pilot from the Lorien Defense Council. Zophie told him she knew someone, but that she wanted a place on the ship, to which she agreed. (The Navigator). However, Erina disagreed with this plan of action and the two had the most ferocious fight that they had ever had. Their compromise was that Ella would escape with Crayton, who Raylan had hired to tend to his Chimæra, as her guardian. (The Fall of Five)

Raylan almost certainly died fighting, alongside his wife Erina.