The Second Loric Ship that left Lorien during the Mogadorian Invasion was first seen by Number Four in his visions of the Invasion. Its existence was later confirmed by Crayton, a passenger on the ship.

It was initially believed to be an antique ship from the Lorien Museum running on fuel that miraculously made it to Earth. It allowed Ella, Crayton, Lexa, Zophie, and a herd of Chimæra to survive the Mogadorian Invasion of Lorien and travel to Earth.


Restoration and StorageEdit

After Crayton's death, his letter to Ella reveals that the ship belonged to her father Raylan who spent a large amount of money restoring it as he believed it was used by his Grandfather's (a previous Elder) during the last loric war in which it is said he was killed. After Raylan met Ella's mother, Erina, she convinced him to donate the relics he collected from the wars to the museum, including the ship.

Mogadorian Invasion of LorienEdit

When the Mogadorians invaded and the ports were destroyed, Raylan remembered the ship sitting dormant in the museum and planned for Ella's escape, even though she had not been chosen as part of the Elder's plans (something he had been very bitter about). Crayton, hired by Raylan to tend to his menagerie of Chimæra, took Ella and the Chimæra in the ship to Earth. Raylan had Zophie and Lexa pilot the ship.


In "The Navigator", the ship crash lands on Earth, barely making it through the atmosphere, and the three Cêpans decide that the ship has seen its last flight, and they abandon the ship to fall apart.