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"So we're roommates, huh?" I asked. "Are you training for the tech department too?"

"Yep. We'll be seeing a lot of each other, I guess. Between the two of us, you're looking at the whole program."

-Sandor and Rapp, The Last Days of Lorien

Rapp was a young Cêpan who was training in Defense Engineering at the Lorien Defense Academy. He was one of the two trainees along with Sandor whom he shared a room with.

Rapp is described as having small nervous eyes, a wide mouth and a bulbous nose. Along with Sandor, Rapp was chosen to be part of the Defense Engineering Training program because of his intelligence. Opposite to Sandor, he felt that the safety of the planet was incredibly important, to prevent the Elder's Prophecy, and felt blessed that he was playing a small but significant part in it. He often defends the system against Sandor's attitudes towards it.


Rapp and Sandor attened three-person seminars with their teacher Professor Orkun. While Sandor claims that he already knows most of the material, Rapp is still learning. Despite this, Rapp allows Sandor to copy his homework and Sandor soon finds that Rapp isn't as lame as he first thought. Rapp is eager to hear all about Devektra, and Sandor's tinkering with his identity band to get into The Chimæra.

On one ocassion Sandor and Rapp are tasked with maintenance of The Grid in the City. Rapp works quickly and fixes many more grid points than Sandor even though Sandor is intelligent and is more than capable, he struggles because he had not been listening in classes. Both of them notice that the grid is far more damaged than it should be. When Sandor returns, Rapp volunteers him to take Daxin, a mentor Cêpan on his mission using their transportation.

Rapp is killed, along with Daxin, Orkun and the many students and Cêpan, during the first wave of Mogadorian missiles that targeted the most crucial and populated areas.