The Quartermoon is a Loric annual festivity and a time of great celebration and rejoice.

The events mark the start of the Great Loric Age brought on by the original Nine Elders upon their discovery of the Phoenix Stones. This event brought forward the powers of the Garde and brought the Chimæra out of hiding. Lorien's ecosystems flourished and food and resources appeared in abundance. Legend has it that a Quatermoon had hung in the sky that night and so the holiday period developed around the regular appearance of the quartermoon.

During the festivities, the Loric dance and sing and gather around campfire for hours into the night and the Elders organise beams of light that are shot into the sky (Heralds). During the Quartermoon celebrations, Devektra, a famous singer on Lorien, was performing at The Chimaæra club. As stated by Lexa, a band was playing outside of her house.

On the day of the invasion, a beam of violet light, that appeared in the sky a few weeks prior, was thought to be because of the Quatermoon festival though it was known that the Elders had left the planet on an important mission and could not have produced it. Only the Lorien Defense Council knew that it was not a Herald and Sandor, an engineer, later realises that light was draining the The Grid, Lorien's defense system.

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