Possessed By Number Four, Number Eight, Nine's Grandfather, Ella
Primary Function Visions of the future

"My gift allows me rare glimses at the threads of destiny, and I have always known this day would come."

(Nine's Grandfather, The Last Days of Lorien)

' "That future doesn't exist anymore, John," she says after a lengthy pause. "My visions...they aren't like the nightmares Setrákus Ra used to give you guys. And they aren't prophecies. We aren't locked into them, like Eight thought. They're premonitions. Possibilities." '

(Ella, The Fate of Ten)

Precognition is a type of Legacy that allows the user to sense occurrences in the future. It most commonly manifests itself in dreams or visions. It is likely that these visions are subjective because the future is rarely ever set in stone.

It is a Legacy probable to a Loric who come under the Lorien Star Sign Tavan.

Known Users

Number Four

John is known to have many visions, including the past and what he believes to be the future. He witnesses Setrákus Ra leaving, what is presumed to be, Mogadore. He also has visions of the lake in Spain where Six is fighting Mogadorians and protecting two girls.  (The Power of Six).

Number Eight

Eight, living alone in India, foresees the arrival of three young girls and a man, Six, Marina, Ella and Crayton. He sends Commander Grahish Sharma and his group to meet them and bring them to him. (The Rise of Nine).

Nine's Grandfather

On Lorien, when Sandor arrives at his Nine's home to collect him, Nine's Grandfather tells him that he has a gift that allows him to see rare glimpses at the threads of destiny and that both Nine and Sandor will be important but Sandor will die. (The Last Days of Lorien).

The Oracle

A female Garde with this ability, secluded herself in the Loric Cave in India so that she could sift through the visions that flooded her mind. She etched many of them on the walls for Number Eight and later other members of the Garde to see. Amongst her visions include an impending war and the deaths of One, Two, Three and Eight.


Ella's first vision of a possible future was the vision she shared with Four of an Post-apocalyptic Washington D.C. with Setrákus Ra victorious. Having hidden in the safety of her own mind whenever Ra hurts her, her abilities of Telepathy and Precognition grow stronger and she spends time sifting through the visions and possible futures that come to her, concluding that they are unreliable either because of her ability or because the future is so unstable.

Ella specifically searches for a future where Setrákus Ra is defeated, no matter what happens to her because of his charm on her. She warns the group at The Sactuary to flee the approaching Anubis, based on vision of death. (The Fate of Ten)

Ella also mentions to John that she saw Sarah's death, causing him to become hurt and angry (United as One)

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