I Am Number Four Wiki

In the event of a large scale attack that threatens the entire Loric race, Pittacus Lore devised a protocol that would be initiated in such an event and that would quickly locate and collect the chosen Garde that are the next in line to become Elders of Lorien to get them away from the planet safely.

Preparation for this plan began when a suspicious beam of light appeared near the city, at first it was thought that it was a Herald though the LDC were not convinced as the Elders were off world and could not be contacted, making it unlikely that the light was created by them. The Nine elected mentor Cêpans all visited their Garde in order to place a tracking band in their procession. Daxin, Number Nine's original Cêpan, used Sandor's transportation to reach Nine and brought Sandor with him.

On the night of the Mogadorian Invasion of Lorien, the nine Cêpan were alerted through their identity bands of the impending danger. Eight of the Cêpan successfully reached their Garde and made it to the airstrip. However, as Sandor had stolen Daxin's band, Daxin was not alerted and instead was killed during the first wave of attack that targeted high population areas and important defense facilities. Brandon, the Cêpan of Number Four, tracked Daxin's band only to discover that he had been killed, leaving Number Nine yet to be recovered.

Sandor, feeling responsible for Daxin's death, takes over his mission to retrieve Number Nine. He is narrowly successful and becomes his new Cêpan.