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Pikens are creatures from the planet Mogadore. They are generally very large and are noted as being the savage accomplices and hunters of the Mogadorians.

They are described as being broad shouldered, with red eyes and large horns. They have long sharp teeth that are almost too big for their mouths.

It is unknown if Piken are bred naturally on Mogadore, however they have been subject of genetic manipulation to create the most vicious beasts, similar to Vat-born Mogadorians. Ashwood Estates has Piken Pens which Adam's younger sister Kelly is very interested in working with in the future.


  • 30 feet tall, long thick arms with musculed bulging fists, thick gray skin, yellow eyes and claws like a raptor. Round discs at the side of the head which pulsate with the beasts heart beat. (I Am Number Four)
  • A four-legged monster, it stands like a bulldog the size of a rhino: forelegs bowed, mouth all dripping, sagging jowls. Massive teeth jut from its mouth like tusks. Its skin is a putrid, knobby green. It smells of death. (Six's Legacy)
  • Piken are real in the future. After obsesive genetive altering and artificial breeding, the Earth will over run with these beasts - a message from your Beloved Leader, Setrákus Ra.
  • The piken is as big as a truck with a body that would resemble an ox if not for the two extra legs and row of twisted spikes that curve down its spine. Its head is snakelike and narrow, its slavering mouth filled with crooked fangs.  (Nine's Legacy)


  • Build-a-Piken is Mogadorian play set for children which allows them to grow mini Piken.