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Possessed By Daniela, Pittacus Lore, Number Four (Ximic)
Primary Function Turns target to stone.

'Daniela opens her eyes and a concentrated beam of silver energy shoots towards the Hunter....The Hunter makes a confused yelping sound as it looks down at itself and finds its massive body turning into stone.

Petrifying Gaze / Petrification Beam, officially named Petras, is a Legacy which allows the user to release a beam of silver energy from their eyes and turn the object they are looking at to stone.

The development of this Legacy begins with an intense feeling of pressure behind the eyes, causing a splitting headache.

Known Users[]

Daniela Morales[]

In New York, as a Mogadorian creature called The Hunter emerges from the water, Daniela begins to feel excruciating pain behind her eyes. She is encouraged to let it out by Four and Sam and eventually releases a silver energy beam from her eyes, erratic at first, but she soon manages to concentrate the beam towards The Hunter and, with the help of Four copying her Legacy using Ximic, turns the beast to stone. Later, she partially petrifies Caleb Crane at the bikers' base to prevent him from running.

Pittacus Lore[]

Those with the title of Pittacus Lore, who have the Legacy Ximic, are able to copy this Legacy if they have seen it. This is illustrated by Four, who witnesses Daniela's Legacy develop, initially feels the same pain in his head, and is then able to copy the Legacy.