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Paxton is a Cêpan on Lorien and a friend of Sandor. He is a few years older than Sandor and studies at the Lorien University, while his girlfriend Teev works in a fashion boutique in East Cresent.

He and Teev are regulars at The Chimæra, and often bumps into Sandor, who would tinker with his Identity Band to sneak into the club, as he is underage. At risk of being caught by his Interplanetary Cultures professor, Sandor asks for their help and the couple distract him while Sandor tries to leave.

Paxton and Teev are present at  The Chimæra for Devektra's Quartermoon festival performance, when the club is hit during the first wave of Mogadorian missiles. Teev is killed when she is crushed by concrete from the collapsed ceiling. Paxton, in despair, tries to free her, but is pulled away by Sandor so that they can try and escape the blaze of fire surrounding the remains of the building.

Paxton is later killed by the Mogadorians during their Invasion. (The Last Days of Lorien)