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Patricia Goode is the mother of Sam Goode and the wife of Malcolm Goode. She lives in Paradise and works as a Nurse. Although her full name is Patricia Goode, her husband calls her Beth on multiple occassions suggesting this is the name that she goes by.

During John and Henri's stay in Paradise, they meet Sam's mother who mistakes Henri's accent for French and attempts to speak to him in that language. His accent was in fact Loric, though the two are very similar.

Beth is distraught when Sam disappears, believing that he was kidnapped by John and Henri who are being labelled as terrorists. She sees him in the garden when he returns to investigate Malcolm's Chamber and witnesses the Mogadorian attack in her backyard and fears the worst for Sam's safety.

When Malcolm is finally rescued from the Mogadorians by Adamus, he returns to his house and speaks to her, she is utterly shocked and they go inside and speak for a while. She tells him about Sam's disappearance and the battle that occured outside. With the aid of Adam, Malcolm leaves Paradise and go for Dulce.

After Malcolm succeeded rescues Sam, he tries to call Beth, but leaves a message on the answering machine, saying he found their son and promises to explain everything about his disappearance if she lets him.


  • Sam's mother was portrayed by Karen Allen in the film adaptation of I Am Number Four. Though the scene was deleted, it saw Sam's mother wielding a vase as Henri who had come to her house looking for information about Malcolm. It is implied that she knows that aliens exist and that other "friends" of Malcolm's had come snooping before.
  • It's possible she is born in France given the fact that she is fluent in French and is looking for people to speak French to. Also, she was excited by Henri's Loric accent, which sounded similar to a French accent.
  • Her full name was given as Patricia Goode in Return to Paradise, though she referred to as "Beth" on multiple occassions by Malcolm.