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Patience Creek is a bunker south of Detroit built by the CIA during the cold war. It currently serves as a makeshift safehouse for John, Nine, Sam, Daniela, Malcolm, Walker, her remaining agents, as well as the five Chimærae (Stanley, Biscuit, Gamera, Regal, and Bandit). Also housed there is General Clarence Lawson, and Number Five, who is in a heavily guarded cell. Soon after, Number Six, Ella, Adam, Lexa, Mark James, as well as Bernie Kosar, Dust, and a wounded Marina, make it there to join them. The facility also briefly housed Nigel Rally, Bertrand, Fleur, and Ran.

Patience Creek has a massive underground complex of secret rooms, all under surveillance.


Patience Creek Bed & Breakfast is a quaint cabin above the big underground facility. Acting as cover-up, it gives shelter to the Garde after the battle at The Sanctuary. It is located 25 miles south of Detroit, close to the shore of Lake Erie. It was built by the CIA during the Cold War as a place to ride out a nuclear winter. Thanks to General Clarence Lawson, the place was brought to their knowledge.

Above-ground next to the cabin, a meadow was created to allow a medium-sized aircraft to land. Below, there are four subterranean levels. On one of the levels, the Garde are giving rooms to rest. Number Four describes his room: "The walls are wood paneled, and the carpet is an olive-green shag, the bed underneath me stiff and musty." There are paintings on his walls mimicking actual windows. Behind them is a bank of monitors that broadcast security feeds from all around the B&B.

Reminiscent of the facility underneath Ashwood Estates, the levels are connected by series of tunnels and hallways with white walls and halogen lights. However, Patience Creek has more outdated systems as it has been under the radar for so long.

Several squadrons of armed marines monitor the place under the command of General Lawson, among others including a group of scientists helping Malcolm and the LANE (Legacy-Afflicted Native Earthling) Caleb.

The facility also has a medical area akin to a hospital, where Marina stays until she recovered from her injuries sustained in the Battle for The Sanctuary.

Also in the facility are a few labs, where Malcolm and the scientists work on Mogadorian technology. Sam often comes and helps them work on it, thanks to his Technopathy Legacy.

Places mentioned in the book[]

United as One specifically mentions several rooms in the facility where important scenes take place like the conference room, holding cells (where Number Five is imprisoned), the garage, the barracks and the storage room where Adamus Sutekh listened in on Mogadorian communications together with Agent Noto.