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Celwe turns back to her Skimmer. “Come here,” she says and, a moment later, a timid girl, no more than three years old, peeks out from the Skimmer ’s entrance. She has Celwe’s auburn hair and Setrákus Ra’s stern features...

–Ella, The Fate of Ten

Parrwyn was the only child of Setrákus Ra and his wife Celwe. She is the mother of Raylan and the Grandmother of Ella.

Although Celwe was too old to have children, Parrwyn's birth was possible due to her father's expertise in fertility and genetics. Setrákus Ra had become the 'Beloved Leader' of the Mogadorian race, however knew and accepted that he did not want his only child to be raised with Mogadorians and so sent her to Lorien at the age of three.

When she arrives on Lorien, Pittacus Lore appraoches the shy child and produces a blue flower and she smiles brightly. He promises Celwe that we will ensure the child's protection.

Parrwyn would lead a full life on Lorien and would go on to give birth to her son Raylan, the father of Ella.