Paradise High School was the local high school in Paradise and was attended by Number Four shortly after he moved from Florida after the death of Number Three.

The School was also attended by Sam Goode, the son of the Greeter, Malcolm Goode; Sarah Hart, John's eventual girlfriend; and Mark James the school bully and Sarah's ex boyfriend. Though John finds respect for him when he fights along side him against the Mogadorians.


Battle of Paradise High School

The majority of the School's structure is destroyed by a Piken, during a battle against the Mogadorians, and five faculty members are killed (mysteriously of natural causes).

Aftermath Edit

It seems the High School remained a wreck after the big battle, and it was destroyed even more when the big Warships came down on Earth.

In United as One, a vision of Mark James shows some memories of the school after the warship arrived in Paradise. Prowling the skyline, it destroyed the high school: the roof has collapsed, the windows are shattered and the destruction spread even to the football field as mangled school desks were hurled towards it by an unknown force. It could be that Mark's memory is just a memory of the warship as seen on TV in the other cities like New York, and Mark replaced it, instead hovering in Paradise. Returning from the recent battle in New Mexico, facing its aftermath, clearly tainted this vision.