Olivia was the name given to one of Raylan's Chimæra that travelled to Earth, with Ella and Crayton on the second ship from Lorien.

Olivia was one of many Chimæra that belonged to Raylan, Ella's father. His menagerie was one of the only things he cared about when was distrustful of everyone and became a recluse. When the Mogadorians began their invasion, Raylan decided to stay and fight and sent Crayton with his daughter and Chimæra to his ship to flee. When they arrived on Earth, Olivia remained with Crayton and Ella on their travels while the others were eventually found and taken for experimentation by the Mogadorians.

In Spain, Olivia hides in a lake until Crayton, having found Number Seven and being chased by Mogadorians, returns and awakens her by throwing an unknown object into the lake. She takes the form of a giant, grey Lizaard with sharp teeth. She is attacked by a large group of Krauls, which badly injure her and cause her to collapse back under the water, bleeding heavily. Marina later sees her bloody corpse lying at the bottom of the lake.

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