330px-I am Number Four Six's Legacies Powers
Possessed By Number Six

Four's Grandfather Pittacus Lore

Primary Function Makes user invisible to avoid detection
Secondary Function User is able to spread Legacy to make others and items invisible

"I roll up my sleeve and look at my arm. My hand is completely invisible, my forearm milky, nearly translucent, but by my elbow i'm fully visible." (Number Six, Six's Legacy)

Invisibility, or Novis, is a Legacy which allows the user to conceal their presence by effectively disappearing visually. It can also be used to make people and objects disappear too, as long as it is in contact with the users hands. It is known that, when first developed, the Legacy is restricted to what the user is holding, though this can be developed and spread to cover a larger area, for example a house.

It is a Legacy probable to a Loric who come under the Lorien Star Sign Pellaren.

Known UsersEdit

Four's GrandfatherEdit

Henri fondly remembers how he used to make the entire house disappear as part of a prank.

Number SixEdit

Six first noticed this Legacy when her hand disappeared while she was trapped in the Mogadorian mountain base in West Virginia. She slowly concentrated on making her entire body invisible, and eventually, when the Mogadorians noticed she had disappeared and opened the cell, she slipped out, avenged Katarina's death and escaped.

Since then, Six's invisibility has proven useful in evading enemies.

Pittacus LoreEdit

As Pittacus Lore have all the Legacy, it's clear that he also have Novis.

Number FourEdit

In the Fate Of Ten, he turned himself invisible.

In United as One he uses it to turn invisible and raid a warship.


  • Novis was an extremely rare Legacy as only 1% of the Garde develop it.
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