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Possessed By Number Eight, Pittacus Lore
Primary Function Transform the body to take on different forms.

"His skin color changes from blue to a deep copper tone. When he shakes his head, the crown falls off and his black hair grows into a shaggy mop of curls. Two of his arms vanish, and in a matter of seconds, a shirtless teenage guy sits on the grass in front of us."

(Number Six, The Rise of Nine)

Shapeshifting, or Morfen, is the ability to physically alter one's form. The user who possesses the power is able to shapeshift into most, if not all, living creatures as well as alter their physical form to become taller. The Legacy starts off with a minor shapeshift, i.e. a small black rabbit, and through training and practice it begins to develop and the user is able to transform into more complex forms.

Known Users[]

Number Eight[]

Eight discovers his ability to shapeshift whilst living alone in the Himalayan Mountains. He sees a black rabbit which he talks to and before he realizes, he has transformed into a black rabbit as well. Eight tries to develop the Legacy himself, but is unable to change into anything apart from the black rabbit.

He soon meets Devdan, a spiritual man who seems to know the power that Eight possesses. Devdan trains him in ancient Indian martial arts and teaches him about Hinduism and Eight used what he was taught to test the limits of his Legacies.

Clinging to Devdan's stories, Eight learns to transform into the ten avatars of Vishnu the Hindu God. When Marina, Six, Ella and Crayton travel to him in India, he tests the three other Garde with a different avatar. He tests Marina underwater with Kurma, the half man half tortoise; Six with Parashurama, the axe wielding giant; and Ella with Narismha, the ten-armed lion-man and Vishnu's most powerful incarnation.

Eight uses the Narismha avatar in the Everglades when he battles with the mutant three-headed, winged alligator.

Pittacus Lore[]

Has all Legacies through Ximic.


Though not a Garde, either Lorien (as a gift like Legacies) or evolution gave the Chimæra the ability to shapeshift into any animal form at will. It is said that the Chimæra, with their changing abilities, came out of hiding when the Elders of Lorien found the Phoenix Stones.

There are at least seven Chimæra left alive on Earth:Bernie Kosar, Dust, Stanley, Biscuit, Gamera, Regal and Bandit.

Isabela Silva

It has this legacy, but it transforms into other people.