While the Mogadorians often use Piken and Krauls in battle, they also possess a menagerie of other fierce beasts from a variety of origins. They are either of natural or artificial Mogadorian breeding or genetically altered Earth Creatures, as some share recognizable characteristics.

Known SpeciesEdit

Native of MogadoreEdit

The following are confirmed native creatures of the planet Mogadore.

Unknown originEdit

The following creatures, of unknown origin, were seen by Sam Goode and John during their infiltration of the Mogadorian Mountain Base.

  • "Demonic-looking Dogs" - the size of Wolves with yellow eyes and no hair.
  • "Troll like creatures".
  • Winged gargoyle like creatures.
  • "Monsters" with six arms and red skin.
  • "Reptilian mutants" - with trident shaped horns.
  • "Monster" - with skin so transparent that its internal organs can be seen.
  • Alien Gorilla - Fought and defeated by Number Four.
  • Transparent birds with razor teeth - Pulled into the black hole of Nine's Green Stones, regurgitated.

Five's CreationsEdit

  • Three headed Alligator creature - fifteen foot with oily black fur, leathery bat wings, six jaundiced eyes and almost humanoid legs. It's feet had curled talons with a pair of S-shaped scars carved into the tissue on the pads of it's feet. It is later revealed by Number Five that he "created" the beast and is able to control it with his Obsidian Flute. It is later defeated by Number Eight. This creature disintegrates like other Mogadorians when killed indicating Mogadorian augmentation, though it has characteristics of Earth creatures.


  • Large Centipede creature encountered by John, Six and Sarah after meeting Number Five in Arkansas. It was the size of a tanker truck and its worm-like body was covered in cracked, leathery skin. It had hundreds of tiny gnarled arms, a flat face with a wet snout, a slavering mouth filled with rows of jagged teeth and a single bloodshot eye. John, with the help of Malcolm Goode, is able to defeat the beast. It is unknown if this is a native Mogadorian creature or the result of a genetic experiment similar to Five's Alligator.
  • The Hunter - A giant creature created by Setrákus Ra and unleashed during The Fall of New York.