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Mogadore is the home planet of the sentient species, the Mogadorians and a number of Mogadorian Creatures such as Piken and Krauls. The closest life-sustaining planet to Mogadore is Lorien, followed by Earth. Mogadore is twice the size of Lorien but five times smaller than Earth.


The Loric people realized 25000 years ago that their actions were causing grave harm to the planet. The Mogadorians, realized the same thing, but did not try and save their planet like the Loric did. The planet became poisoned 100 years ago by the industries and as a result, a large majority of the animal and plant life died. The dying planet and dwindling resources caused the ass Mogadorians to become desperate and found the only answer in attacking the nearest planet close in similarity to their own, Lorien, and stealing their resources. Since the planet was still dying after their invasion of Lorien, the Mogadorians decided to invade Earth and make that their new home.

Mogadore also faces the threat of extinction as the females have become less and less fertile; if however they can conceive a child, they most likely die from childbirth. To solve this problem, Setrákus Ra and his scientists found a way to artificially create the perfect Mogadorian Soldiers, born fully grown with absolute bloodlust and inhibited emotions.


Mogadore is described as a dead barren world. All plant life has died, which has caused the surface to be grey and lifeless. The sky is blocked by pollutants and has a dark grey color. All rivers and seas are black and drowned in waste chemical, produced by the large amount of factories and industries. All cities are made of densely populated slum, buildings near each other, which are caused it on the brink of total collapse.