MogPro is a serum type experiment used on Mogadorian soldiers, as well as Piken and other beasts. It originates from Loralite, and is used by Setrákus Ra, harnessed from Lorien itself. It is also a codeword for the Mogadorian allies within the world's Governments. It stands for Mogadorian Progress.

In The Revenge of Seven, Karen Walker states that fifteen percent of America's Government, News Reporters, and Armed Forces are using it. They are using it under the impression that it "cures cancer", despite no evidence of it doing so. It does increase strength, and allows people to age slower, however. Bud Sanderson, head of the US Government portion of MogPro, is a prime example. Unfortunately, major side effects can occur once you stop using the serum.

In The Fate of Ten, Walker reveals that her agents in Washington were able to get rid of most of the bad apples, or "cronies", and all MogPro's is dead in the US Government, leaving a fractured government (including the President) alone in the dark.

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