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Mirkl was a Loric Citizen, presumably a Cêpan. He was a friend of Devektra and travelled around with her and her entourage. Sandor described him as Devektra's perpetually annoyed right hand man. Mirkl is present when Sandor bursts into Devektra's dressing room in a desperate attempt to hide from his teacher.  Mirkl is not a fan of Sandor at first because he believes him to just be an underage fan who wants to meet Devektra.

Mirkl greets Sandor when he sneaks into The Chimæra to see Devektra's performance, he gives him two Ampules and leads him to Devektra.

After club is bombed by Mogadorians Mirkl appears, dusty and bruised, and helps lift a slab of concrete off of Sandor's leg. Before Sandor can thank him, however, he disappears. Mirkl eventually finds Devektra and the pair decide to do anything they can to help against the Mogadorian attack. Sandor notes the dead look in his eyes while he says goodbye to Devektra.

Mirkl would eventually have been killed by Mogadorians during the invasion. (The Last Days of Lorien)