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There is nothing left to do, daughter. You have woken me and restored my strength. I am of the Earth now, and so are my gifts.
-The Entity, The Revenge of Seven


Number Six, Marina, and Adam travel to Calakmul, Mexico, with the intentions of finding The Sanctuary. They meet Phiri Dun-Ra and her group of soliders, punished by Setrákus Ra for letting Nine escape from the West Virginia base. After a small skirmish, Phiri runs away and the three are able to enter through the force field and climb on top of the Mayan pyramid to go inside.

At the door, the three find nine divots in place for the lock of the temple. Three pendants are put in - Six's, Marina's and Four's. The door opens into a dusty room lit by the blue glow of Loralite.

Inside The Sanctuary[]

Number Six, Marina, and Adam enter the room enter the room, and Six retrieves the pendants used to open the door. They admire the Loralite veins in the room, outlining the universe. An Loralite well extends from the floor, shaking the room. On the top of it, a limestone slab shows carvings of the future, similar to the cave in India that Eight found.

Marina sets Eight's body down, and uses it to push aside the slab. Lights pours from the well, and she puts gems from her chest into it. This causes the Loralite in the room to pulse stronger. Six puts in the soil from the Chest, causing an earthy smell throughout the room. Marina then puts in the bundle of dried branches and leaves, and they turn alive, a swirling breeze through out the room. Last, Six pours Henri's ashes and drops their Loric pendants into the well.

This causes the Lorien entity to emerge, speaking through Eight's body. The entity looks at them, commenting how Adam is something new. Marina asks if Eight is there, but the entity tells her he is gone. Lorien then explains to them that the Mogadorians are coming, that Setrákus Ra has chased it for a long ttime and that the Elders had planned for it to be there long ago. Six interrupts, angry that Lorien itself is not offering help to Earth's survival. He replies that he does not choose fates, and that awakening it has allowed him to bond with Earth to spread its gifts.

The entity closes its eyes, and for a few seconds Eight's body begins to heal. It floats next to Marina, and Eight is revived for only moments. Eight and Marina kiss before the body crumbles into light. The well recedes under the ground, and the chamber turns quiet again. Marina says that Lorien is spreading, and that they aren't alone anymore.


By awakening Lorien, it was able to spread its gifts to thousands of human teenagers. This gave them Legacies to fight against the Mogadorians, and many of them meet up in the Elder's chamber to hear a rallying speech by John.


We have to have faith, right? We have to trust whatever's down there, whatever the Elders left for us, that'll it show us a way out.

–Six, before dropping her pendant into the well

Two Loric and a Mogadorian. Except not quite. You are something different. Something new.

–Lorien about Adam

Eight: Wow, hi.
Marina: You're warm. You're so warm.
Eight: You're warm, too.
Marina: I'm so sorry, Eight. I'm sorry I couldn't heal you.
Eight: It's-I can't even describe it. It's amazing in there.
Marina: Can I kiss you?
Eight: I really wish you would.

–Marina and Eight for the last time

It's spreading, Six. Through the earth. It's spreading everywhere. It means that we aren't alone anymore.

–Marina after meeting Lorien