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The Lorien Defense Academy is a specialist school which trains gifted loric citizens (Cêpan and Garde) for a career with the Lorien Defense Council which works to defend the planet in preparation for the Elder's Prophecy depicting a violent attack when the planet least expects it.


The Academy is situated at the edge of Capital City, in a grey windowless cube shaped building. Outside sits a statue of Pittacus Lore which differentiates it from other Lorien Government buildings. Inside the building includes facilities for training, including seminar rooms, engineering and computer labs, gymnasiums, Chimæra observatory, as well as sleeping quarters for students and some of the older Cêpan (i.e. Daxin).

The academy was built to withstand almost anything and it was described as being everything proof following a fire incident caused by a young Garde.


Engineering and Tech Cêpan[]

There were only twenty active engineers and fifteen active techs on the entire planet, with only two more being trained at a time. The eventual job of these Cêpan is to take part in tasks such as grid surveys and maintenance and repair work on electronic perimeters (essentially maintenance work on Loric defense mechanisms).

Mentor Cêpan[]

Mentor Cêpan are also trained here.

Other Cêpan[]


Although there are many training academies across Lorien that young Garde go to with their Cêpan at the age of 11, only Garde that have greater potential are chosen to attend the LDA.

Known Students[]


After being expelled from the Lorien Academy, Sandor is approached by Brandon who has been sent to recruit him after his talents are noticed. Sandor reluctantly agrees and arrives to start his training. He meets his fellow trainee Rapp who is extremely dedicated to his studies and the Loric cause.

Sandor spends many weeks at the academy and is even sent out on for a grid maintenance task when the professors travel to investigate the mysterious violet light that has appeared and the disappearance of the Elders. Two weeks later, Sandor steals Daxin's Indentity band so that he can sneak into a club underage - something that he is forbidden to do while studying at the academy.

After the club is bombed in the first wave of Mogadorian attack at the start of the invasion, Sandor returns to the academy only to find that it too was a target of the first wave and has been pummled to the ground with Daxin (Nine's original Cêpan), Rapp and many other trainees and important defense personel. Brandon tracks Daxin's ID band only to find that Sandor has it and Daxin is dead.