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The scars of One, Two and Three

The Loridas Charm is a spell, of sorts, that was placed on the nine Garde children before they escaped Lorien, it was cast by the last remaining elder Loridas. Each member of the Garde is assigned a number that represents them.

The charm's order was not pre-determined, it was in the order that the Garde arrived to the ship to evacuate Lorien.

Charm Effects[]

Order and Protection against Death[]

  • The charm's main function is to protect the Nine Garde children by ensuring that they cannot be killed out of order, it is the closest thing to invincibility that can be produced. Although, for Number One, the charm only works as a link to the other Garde.
  • If a Garde's murder has been attempted, and they're not next in line, the act used to hurt/ kill the Garde will instead happen to the being that attempted to hurt/ kill. The charm protects the Garde from all kinds of death, injuries, and sickness. During her captivity, Number Six says she felt like she should have died from starvation and dehydration but didn't because the charm protected her. Six (Six's Legacy) and Nine (Five's Betrayal) are subject to tests where the Mogadorians test the boundaries of the Charm. Six learns that the charm even protects from unknown deaths such as poisoning.


  • There is some confusion over the appearance of the scars, however, in I Am Number Four, it is written that "When one of us [the Garde] is found and killed, a circular scar wraps around the right ankle of those still alive. And residing on our left ankle, formed when the Loric charm was first cast, is a small scar identical to the amulet each of us wears" ( - LL1 Chapter 1). Further contradicting the appearance of the scars, Number Four, after receiving a fourth scar in The Fall of Five, cannot identify which member of the Garde has fallen (though this confusion may be caused by Loridas' Charm being broken).

    Number Four's loric pendant

Breaking the Charm[]

  • The protection aspect of the charm is void when any members of the Garde come into contact, therefore as Number Four and Number Six met in Paradise during the battle, the charm is void for all members of the Garde.
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