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Loridas (Title)
Known Individuals Loridas (Lorien Era)
Legacies Aeternus

Loridas is the title given to one of the original Ten (later nine) Lorien Elders and passed on through generations of Elders.

Known Individuals[]

Loridas (Lorien Era)[]

Loridas was an Elder when the Pittacus Lore and Setrákus Ra of the Lorien Era were sworn in as Elders, as their predecessors were killed during a conflict on Mogadore. He later planned Ra's execution for treason with Pittacus.

The last Loric to take the title remained on Lorien during the Mogadorian Invasion of Lorien. He had met with the nine Garde and Cêpan to cast a charm on them, a defence mechanism which prevents them from being killed out of order. Crayton would later lie to Ella and the other Garde by telling them that Loridas gave his life to ensure that Ella escaped the invasion to assume his role as the tenth elder and grow into his powers.


Every individual who inherits the title of an elder will also inherit their legacies. This means that every Loridas has Aeternus. It is said that this ability allows him/her to live longer than any other Elder by reverting to a younger age and vitality.